Aug 27, 2009

White Label Space to Participate in ESA Field Campaign

On the last weekend of September the White Label Space team will test its first rover prototype during a field campaign organized by European Space Agency (ESA) in the course of the ExoGeoLab project. The campaign will take place in Germany, near the Laacher lake in the Eifel region, which is particularly interesting due to it's geological characteristics.

The aim of the ExoGeoLab is to operate comprehensive instrument packages that could help in the technical research and science preparation of future lander/rover missions. Also part of this campaign are TNO with the MECA (Mission Execution Crew Assistant) Project and the Austrian Space Forum with the Aouda spacesuit simulator for Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) on Mars.

Aug 19, 2009

Interview by

What's the difference between Investors, Partners and Sponsors?

Read our answer to that question and also learn about other aspects of our team's business plan in this interview by

Aug 15, 2009

Mark Bentley

Dr Mark Bentley is a planetary scientist at the Space Research Institute (IWF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS) and has experiece working on many previous and planned space science missions with international partners from around the world. He has a passion for space science and in particular the scientific exploration of the Moon.

A specialist in the fields of S
pace Weathering, in situ instrumentation and data analysis, Mark's PhD research investigated the process of space weathering as it might occur on Mercury through a series of laboratory experiments. His postdoctoral research work at Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute of the UK's Open University focussed development of the HP3 gamma-ray backscatter densitometer (DEN) originally proposed for ESA's BepiColombo Lander (MSE).


Aug 5, 2009

4CRB Radio Interview

This interview with Marco Ostini from our partner Lunar Numbat was played on the Australian radio station 4CRB on the 5'th of August 2009.

The interview is in two parts;