Apr 13, 2012

Space Ventures Investors Partners with WLS

White Label Space is proud to announce its new partnership with Space Ventures Investors, an internationally focused venture addressing how private and institutional investors can invest in space. 

Through the partnership, White Label Space will have unique access to the Space Ventures Investors network and industry knowledge base whilst Space Ventures Investors will gain a window on the investment opportunities related to the Google Lunar X PRIZE and access to the technical expertise present in the team. 

Space Ventures Investors collects from individuals and organizations vital information about their investment appetite for the space sector and looks at how marketing can be used to change potential investors‘ views on investing in space. By monitoring selected space-related stocks it provides interested investors with space investment advice.

Space Ventures Investors is also researching how capital can be applied to the commercialization of space and identifying the key verticals that are accessible, offer value to the public, and modeled to meet return on investment criteria over a fixed period. Based on this know-how it is developing a range of space industry financial products to enable the private or institutional investor to actively invest in space.


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