Jan 1, 2008


Today the world's population consumes almost 70% of its information in digital format, and that consumption is mostly controlled by consumers who choose exactly what they want to watch in their limited time available. In previous years the marketer's challenge was to maximize the attention for ad time they purchased, but in today's on-demand world the marketer has to fight just to be played at all.

White Label Space produces exciting and inspirational and original content for the internet and other media that people want to watch - a perfect way to increase your brand's exposure or convey a marketing message!

White Label Space's highly qualified and capable team of space professionals is preparing for the most ambitious space project ever attempted without the direct assistance of governments. The general public is fascinated by space exploration and is eager to follow the team's challenge to explore the Moon's surface and beyond.

The team is looking for sponsors, big and small. The sponsors will receive extensive media exposure with an integrated marketing message tailored to their specific needs. The major sponsors will also have the option to purchase naming rights for our Google Lunar X PRIZE mission and its major elements.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of White Label Space, please contact us at: sponsorship@whitelabelspace.com


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