Jan 1, 2008

Corporate and Mission Sponsors

Sponsor Something Historical and Unique: A Private Venture to the Moon

Your sponsorship of White Label Space can be leveraged in many innovative ways. The scientific, educational and publicity values are a few of the obvious. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of White Label Space, or if you want to explore your sponsorship options, please contact us at: sponsorship@whitelabelspace.com

Corporate Sponsor

White Label Space is pushing the envelope when it comes to management, both of its own volunteer staff and the technology they're appropriating and designing in order to build the required hardware and software for private mission to the moon.

Being a corporate sponsor enables your company to affiliated and part of the White Label Space journey. Inspire your staff with what inspires us. Get on board. Contact us now.

Mission Sponsor

Are you a major brand that wants to make a real impact and outshine competitors?
Could you imagine your brand's products or services affiliated with a private mission to the moon as part of the Google Lunar X Prize? Then get in contact with us and we can detail how you can participate in the naming and sponsoring of hardware like our propriety moon lander and rover, plus events like rocket testing, the launch, the journey to the moon, the descent, the moon landing, the life of the lander, and journey of the rover.


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