May 25, 2012

LED Rover Dance

Previously we released a video of our rover showing off its dance moves for the Nagisa Music Festival, but we didn't have the time to set it to music. Since its so cute, we just had to let it dance a little more, this time to a musical accompaniment.


May 17, 2012

Mixing Music and Space

Who said engineering is not sexy? In this great video our Japanese moon rover is showing off some of its dance moves for the Nagisa Music Festival in Tokyo this coming weekend, coinciding with the solar eclipse.

Neat electric blue lights and precision point turning.. just what you need for a solar eclipse party!


And that's not the only outreach that our little rover is making into the music world...

Japanese members of the White Label Space team are also collaborating with jazz musicians. At Roppongi's softwind, space technology and jazz music jammed together as jazz musicians played famous pieces like "fly me to the moon" accompanied by a presentation of the White Label Space GLXP project.

It seems space technology is not just for geeks anymore!

May 13, 2012

Torch Igniter Testing Update

WLS team members have undertaken the first tests of the torch igniter design that will eventually be used set alight the throttleable motor on our lunar lander as it descends to the moon. The first tests were inconclusive and indicate the some tuning is needed for the propellant supply system, however that is expected to be resolved in the next couple of weeks.

Below are photos of some components of the torch igniter and the custom test rig that was built to support the tests.


May 6, 2012

First Integration Steps for Rocket Motor Prototype

This video shows some of the preliminary integration activities for the throttleable rocket motor prototype currently being developed for the White Label Space lunar lander. It is a liquid bi-propellant motor using nitrous oxide and kerosene. It also features a spark ignition system.

The motor will be commercialized by the Dutch company EDL Hypersystems B.V..