Oct 7, 2010

Blog-O-Naut Wanted!

Did you ever notice that astronauts are fantastic public speakers? There is a reason for that. Their nearly unique role as envoy of humankind makes astronauts the ideal medium to tell the public about the valuable and exciting work being done by the engineers and scientists in their space agencies.

Are you passionate about space?

Do you want to see the inner workings of a well-established team competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE?

White Label Space is urgently seeking an enthusiastic individual to help us tell our story. Your core activities will be blogging and youtubing using raw content created within the team. We need to keep up a steady steam of output to keep the public engaged so you will also bring to bear your skills at twitter and facebook.

If you think you have the right stuff, send us an email: careers@whitelabelspace.com

We are accepting applications until the end of October. We are interested to see any similar things you've done in the past. This is a volunteer role but with chances to move into a paid position later. All ages, genders and experience levels are welcome.


Oct 6, 2010

Whitelabelspace meetup in London - GLXP Summit debrief

Takeshi Hakamada Founder and Chief Executive Officer of White Label Space Japan, LLC met yesterday with Steven Allen Team lead of Whitelabelspace to discuss future collaboration. Amoungst topics discussed where the outcomes of the Google Lunar X PRIZE summit & new approaches to financing their global project. More news to follow after the full GLXP Summit debrief.

Oct 3, 2010

Message from the Team Leader

This message was written by Steve Allen, leader of the White Label Space GLXP Team, on the occasion of the 2010 GLXP Team Summit:

The Google Lunar X PRIZE was the primary catalyst for the formation of White Label Space but soon after the start it became apparent that this team was capable of far more than just one space competition project.

As the White Label Space team continues to grow globally, the GLXP mission has changed from a singular goal to a technology demonstrator for our team's capabilities, and today is a mere hint at where we plan to be in five years from now. Commercial space exploration is becoming a reality, no longer just the domain of state-sponsored space programs, and that's something that was unthinkable just five years ago.

GLXP will prove that a small dedicated team of talented passionate space enthusiasts can cheaply develop technology that will not only benefit the private space sector but also government space programs.

We owe it to future generations to commit to exploring the cosmos and setting up colonies on distant planets. It is a given that, at some point in the future, Earth will cease to support life as we know it and as Stephen Hawking so clearly points out, space exploration is the only hope left for the future survival of the human race.

The cost of sending exploratory missions to the nearest habitable planet are astronomical and that's why initiatives like the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition are so important for accelerating space technological innovation while driving down costs.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is a competition where in the end no one can lose. The winning team(s) will inspire a new generation of space farers and the other competitors will have knowledge/expertise that if managed correctly can be directly converted into profitable business. Space is not just the final frontier it's also the salvation of the human race.

Steve Allen was not able to attend the 2010 GLXP Team Summit but he sends his best wishes to all the competing teams and the X PRIZE Foundation.


Takeshi Hakamada

Takeshi Hakamada is leader of the White Label Space GLXP team and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of White Label Space Japan, LLC.

He has dreamed of developing a commercial space industry since watching Star Wars in his childhood and later at University he became interested in the challenge of financial evaluation during the conceptual design phase.

He earned a Master of Science at Georgia Institute of Technology's Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL), where he studied and researched the application of conceptual design methodologies to advanced aerospace systems. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Nagoya University.

Before joining White Label Space, he was a management consultant focusing on strategies and implementation of cost optimization for a variety of Japanese and international companies. He successfully led several projects for clients across many industries, assisting them to save costs.

He was also an organizer for the Yuri’s night Parties in Japan in 2008 and 2009.