Jul 14, 2009

Steve Allen

Steve Allen is the Team Leader of White Label Space.

Steve brings his strong knowledge of the media industry to the White Label Space effort, helping the team to communicate its vision and progress to future sponsors & investors. He is an avid space technology enthusiast that also has an in depth knowledge of new media, social media, PR & outreach. His professional background is in project management, media distribution & asset management.

Currently Steve is a director at Clearer Partners Ltd, a specialised media startup, creating products and helping companies develop and deliver technologies and strategies by providing hands-on rapid prototyping and bespoke development.

Formerly Steve worked for the BBC, leading the Labs group of the BBC's Digital Media Initiative (DMI) change program, researching ways to give the British license fee payers better value for money & unlock the potential that the massive BBC archive holds.

Prior to the BBC Steve was a Director of Joost Technologies, an Internet start up that was the first company to bring true high quality video via secure P2P & was also the first company to partner with many of the major global content providers. Joost later refocused on lowering the barrier of entry to the platform and becoming an end-to-end white label video distribution service provider. Steve's responsibilities at Joost were to manage Transcoding & Archiving operations, Video R&D, Business Support & End User Support teams.

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