Jan 1, 2008

White Label Space is a brandless space technology start-up founded by a team of international space professionals competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Together with our Partners we are creating the first ever "White Label" space mission - ready for the brand image of powerful sponsors with the vision and courage to create profound and enduring legacies by being part of the first privately funded effort to land on the moon. Every aspect of our GLXP mission, from the naming rights of our space vehicles to the suits worn in our clean rooms, is available for the messages of our sponsors.

Space exploration, and particularly lunar exploration, is on the verge of a new revolution of low cost ambitious missions. This revolution is fuelled by the frustration that humans haven't been to the moon in our lifetimes, and driven by the engine of the internet with all its possibilities for new media, communication and collaboration.

The majority of us work as space engineers, scientists and technologists. We know that the technology needed to go to the Moon is far less demanding than what exists in today's typical handheld electronic devices. The real challenge in the GLXP lies in linking humanity's natural urge to explore space with the financial forces that determine the efforts and energies expended in this world.

Our mission is to provide brandless space missions to anyone that has a viable business plan, taking the principles of Web 2.0 marketing & monetisation to the next level.

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