Jun 26, 2008

ARCA and The Future of Things

As you maybe heard in The Future of Things article, ARCA, an official GLXP team from Romania announced the upcoming launch of their Stabilo rocket. This declaration generated quite a hype on the net announcing the upcoming landing of the first contender of the GLXP on the Moon Surface.

But what should we think about it? Is really ARCA going to land on the moon and win the prize … in few weeks? Well, don't worry, the answer is a crystal clear : NO ! So what is happening?

In fact, if you read the GLXP website post you'll see that ARCA is really just launching its latest rocket, not the first GLXP launch but the last one of the original X PRIZE (the one that finished few year ago with the first private "space flight").Members of our team had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the ARCA representatives during the First GLXP Team Submit last May in Strasbourg (France). They explained then that the objective of the flight was to perform their first sub-orbital flight (so launch a rocket to few hundred kilometers of altitude) nothing like going to the moon.

If you have seen some of their videos or concepts, you might have been a bit surprised by their, shall we say, "unconventional approach" but bare in mind that those guys are really taking it seriously and manufacturing/launching hardware … It should be a source of respect and motivation. Like them, our team hopes to soon start advance tests and why not be the first on the moon!

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