Nov 22, 2008

Greatest Space Ads Part IX - SONY and Space Tourism

In this space-linked advertisement SONY uses the concept of space tourism to appeal to people who want to make the purchase of a lifetime but are afraid of the question:

"When your kids ask where the money went"

Could you go into space with any other brand of video camera after watching this ad?

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Unknown said...

Greatest space was launched in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope, a 1.5 billion orbiting observatory, was found to have a glitch in its giant lens - rendering Earth's first orbital observatory short sighted.
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White Label Space said...

Hi kesha,

It looks like you are a robot so you won't be able to answer this (unless your software is extremely advanced!)..
but anyway this comment is just to say that we are proud that we received our first web social advertising bot! :)

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