Feb 19, 2010

Jessica van den Doel

Jessica van den Doel is Creative Director of White Label Space team and aims to maximize the marketing opportunities for sponsors by unleashing the full potential the White Label Space Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) mission. In this video, Jessica shares her thoughts about working in the White Label Space team.

As Creative Director she is leading the team's creative efforts to attract sponsors, as well as assisting with the marketing of the team's no-name brand, White Label Space.

After White Label Space finds its Jessica will analyze their communications strategies and develop creative approaches that make optimal use of the mission. She will stimulate and consolidate the creative efforts of the integrated team that includes White Label Space members and customer representatives, putting together a clear and coherent branding approach that presents a common theme across all aspects of the mission, while ensuring that the branding fits the requirements and desired image of the various sponsors.

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