Mar 1, 2012

Lunar Rover Competition

We've now launched our competition where the winner will get to take remote control of the White Label Space Lunar Rover and use it to explore the moon! To enter this competition check out our facebook page and be sure to "Like" us!

The prize of the competition is the chance to control the Lunar Rover but the length of time you get at the wheel is up to you! The competition is free to enter and you can win 5 minutes drive time for free.

5 minutes not enough??
.. you can also extend the time you can drive by making a small donation.

A donation of €10 means the winner will get 15 minutes of drive time and then every additional €5 donated will earn the winner one more minute exploring another world! Make your donations using this PayPal button.

Your donations will help fund our mission and make our dream of being the first non-government funded body to land a spacecraft on the moon a reality.

Donations must be made before 1 April, 2012, in order to count towards the Lunar Rover Competition.


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