Jul 26, 2008

As yet no German Google Lunar X PRIZE teams - Die Zeit Wissen

There was an article in the Die Zeit Wissen about the lack of German participation in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. This was first noted on The Launch Pad
You can download the full article in PDF format here. See translation below.

DYI Lunar Landers
Those who manage to build and land a robot on the moon by the end of 2012 will win the 20 Million Dollar Google Lunar X PRIZE. Ten teams have signed up so far.
Among them are the amateur engineers who designed the lander [pictured on the left] as well as university andindustrial participants.
There haven't been any German applications to enter the contest so far. Please apply at www.googlelunarxprize.org.
[Source: Die Zeit Wissen, 2008 (4), page 8]

The question is why has no German team stepped forward?
If there are German citizens that wish to join our upcoming European GLXP team please email us

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