Jul 24, 2008

First Art Exhibition in Outer Space

Call for Space Art;

Tohoku University, Japan, is now developing a small satellite, named SPRITE-SAT, with launch planned for January 2009. The main mission of the satellite is a scientific study of lightening phenomena above the cloud layers but using this opportunity, they are also organizing the first art exhibition in outer space!

To take part in this exhibition you should submit monochrome digital pictures, which will be shrunk to a size of 1mm squares arranged as a mosaic on a silicon wafer fabricated using photolithography technology. The photolithography and etching process will be done on a standard silicon wafer, cut into a 3 cm by 3 cm piece, which will be exhibited in orbit attached on the top of an antenna boom on the top of the satellite. The artworks will also be exhibited on a special web page.

Submitting your artwork:
Please submit a digital drawing in 500×500 pixels, or a line drawing 500×500 pixels resolution. Black and white, no halftones. Submit as a digital file which can be displayed in 10 cm square on a computer screen.

Deadline of submission: August 10, 2008

Please send your submission or any questions to Prof. Kazuya Yoshida:

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Anonymous said...

This is not the first art exhibition in space. The first exhibit occured in 1995, called "Ars Ad Astra" which was organized by the O.U.R.S. Foundation. It consisted of 20 juried paintings which were launched to the MIR Space Station in 1995, where they orbited Earth for many months. Please check it out for yourself:

Andrew Barton said...

Thanks gotharsis for the extra information. We weren't aware of Ars Ad Astra at the time of writing that post. I guess the title is now proven wrong!!

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