Apr 26, 2010

Greatest Space Ads - SONY and INTEL Launch the Rocket Project

Linking the themes of space and education, SONY and INTEL are sponsoring The Rocket Project. The basic recipe of the project is to take a bunch of smart secondary school kids and put them together in a team to design, analyze and build a high altitude sounding rocket capable of reaching an altitude of 160km (528,000 feet). A YouTube video about the project is embedded at the end of this post.

Of course the students are assisted in their work by SONY VIAO notebooks powered by INTEL processors.

The leader of the project, also acting as teacher/mentor for the students is Thomas Atchison, a high-power rocketeer and founder of the Association of Rocket Mavericks. Tom also has strong links with the technology industry from his 25+ years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

It's interesting that these major global brands are recognizing the public interest in challenging space-related projects. Our team of space professionals plans to harness similar types of public interest to held us achieve our Google Lunar X PRIZE mission.

The ad agency behind the project is 180 LA.


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