Jan 2, 2011

Greatest Space Ads - Samsung Sends Free Samples From Edge of Space

Using some of the latest paper airplane technology, Samsung is backing Project Space Planes, a scheme to launch 100 paper planes from a high altitude balloon. Each plane will carry a Samsung SD memory card with a payload of data submitted by users on the web. See the embedded YouTube video below.

Project Space Planes is led by Joel Veitch, a freelance producer of viral web content based in London and owner of the rathergood.com website. You might have already seen Joel in the Bacon Rocket Project, an innovative attempt to mix tasty food with rocket science.

Although not technically in space, high altitude balloons give some pretty cool views of Earth and are high enough to excite people about space. Thus, we are very happy to include such endevours in Greatest Space Ads!

See also our previous piece about the Toshiba Space Chair.


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