May 2, 2011

Andrea Gini

Andrea Gini, who formerly conducted a student project with White Label Space, has now joined the team as a permanent member. Andrea will be responsible for the integrated testing of the rover and lander. For this work he will call upon his experience working on the rover control software at Tohoku University in Japan as well as his role supporting the field testing of the lander mock-up last month in Rio Tinto, Spain.

Andrea is an IT professional with a long experience in journalism and communication of science. Andrea is Chairman of the IAASS Information and Communication Committee, and chief editor of the association newsletter.

He collaborated for over 10 years with, the major Italian web portal on the Java language, and with Imola Informatica, an IT consulting company, as an IT consultant and as a teacher in corporate IT training. He wrote over 50 technical articles on various IT related topics, is and coauthor of two successful books on the Java language, which have been used in corporate and academy training.

Andrea holds an MSc from the International Space University at Strasbourg (MsC 2010), a Master in Science Communication from International School for Advanced Studies (2009) and an MSc in Computer Science from Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca (MSc 2005).


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