Jun 21, 2011

Rio Tinto TV Documentary: Newton 14.05.2011 - Erobern Österreicher den Mars?

Last May, the Newton magazine released a TV documentary by Elisabeth Pfneisl and Erich Proell about the Rio Tinto 2011 Mars simulation mission, where White Label Space performed some tests on its Lunar Lander Mockup.

This news report (in German) covers the entire Mars Analog mission, including the ESA's Eurobot tests, the new Aouda.X spacesuit, and the rovers tests.

We need to clarify that when they introduce White Label Space in the report, they described us having won the Google Lunar X PRIZE, which is clearly a mistake. We were there to test our lander mock-up and omnidirectional camera, as well as to get feedback to support our future work.

Enjoy the journey through the Rio Tinto Mars Analog Mission 2011 with this video.

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