Nov 18, 2011

CubeSat Project With MINES ParisTech

Preliminary CAD Model of ThermoCS
by MINES ParisTech
White Label Space GLXP team has teamed up with MINES ParisTech, one  on their new CubeSat project, ThermoCS.

MINES ParisTech, also known as École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, is one of France's most prestigious engineering schools and provides post graduate education to some of France's top university students (see more information here).

The CubeSat is planned to contribute to the QB50 project, a constellation of 50 nanosatellites organized by the European Commission.

White Label Space will provide a secondary payload as part of its GLXP mission developments. The primary payload on the CubeSat will be the standard QB50 sensor suite designed to study the physical phenomena in the lower thermosphere, the of space and upper atmosphere in the  90-320km altitude range.


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