Nov 16, 2009

Is Steve Allen Defecting to Synergy Moon?

I just got sent this photo from an anonymous source who said it was taken over the weekend. It shows Steve Allen, our Team Leader, standing alonside the chief artist of the Synergy Moon GLXP team, Anna Hill.

We haven't been able to contact Steve for a number of weeks and the last communication we have from him was that he is going deep undercover on a new project in London. We assumed it was something to do with his new job at the BBC, but now it looks like something else... Note that Anna Hill joined Synergy Moon just last month (see Synergy Moon's post).

It's really not fair for GLXP teams to pinch members from other teams, especially their Team Leader. If anybody can tell us where this photo was taken or provide any other clues about what is going on, please leave a note on our facebook page.

Steve, COME BACK! We need you!

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