Aug 11, 2008

First eBay Launch Contract Executed

On Wednesday, 6th of August 2008 White Label Space conducted its first rocket launch as part of its campaign to develop a "White Label" space mission for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. In addition to providing a chance to test some advanced descent and landing technologies, the launch also proved the effectiveness of a business model based on using eBay to procure space launch services and space advertising services.

The launch was carried out under the expert supervision of Mr Ofer Lapid, student at the International Space University (ISU) Summer Session Program (SSP) currently underway in Barcelona, Spain.

Under the launch service agreement a logo of White Label Space was prominantly displayed on the exterior of the rocket (see photo). White Label Space paid, via eBay, a sum which shall remain undisclosed but is estimated in the medium-to-high tens of US dollars.

The rocket reached an apogee of at least 20m and returned safely to Earth, landing within the designated landing zone. Complete results of the post-flight investigation are not yet available but it is currently believed that stage separation successfully occured and the descent and landing system functioned nominally.

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